United States Taekwondo Association

Rank Promotion Certification

Any member who has been accepted by the Association may apply for his rank certification. Any black belt holder who claims to be certified or authorized by the Association for any certain rank without formal acceptance in the required manner will forfeit his membership. The standard procedure for rank certification and promotion requires the subsistence of several documents which are outlined below:

1. Copies of ALL rank certification (for example, 3rd Dan holders must submit copies of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dan certification). 
2. Personal history, including martial arts background and training. 
3. Several action photos.
4. For advanced Black Belts, a videotape showing skills in forms, one-step sparring,
breaking techniques, and free sparring.
5. For Non-Black Belts, a copy of gup certification or supportive documents
6. Certification fees (noted on rank promotion/certification application form).

Rank Certification Application Form in the Microsoft Word Format 

Rank Certification Application Form in the Adobe Acrobat (pdf) Format


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