United States Taekwondo Association

Our Mission:

Promoting Excellence in An Ancient and Evolving Art

    The United States Taekwondo Association is a non-profit professional organization devoted to the development and progression of Taekwondo both as an art and a sport. The USTA provides professional guidance in setting up and managing national standards of practice and competition, providing training, testing, and accreditation for both individual members and school members. It is an active member of the World Taekwondo Federation, the prime force in getting Taekwondo recognized as an Olympic sport by the International Olympic Committee.    

About the USTA:

It Is the Goal of the USTA to Promote Excellence In the Learning, Practice, and Teaching of Taekwondo and the Martial Arts.

    The United States Taekwondo Association will help organize curricula for schools and clubs and help instructors plan and implement their programs and schools more effectively. It will also aid in the application of the World Taekwondo Federation guidelines and standards.

    The Association maintains a National Registry of individual and group members at its Headquarters in New York. It provides identification certificates for individuals and provides membership certificates suitable for framing to schools and clubs. It conducts seminars on how to set up and manage courses, assists with special training for masters and instructors towards higher Dan levels, helps organize local tournaments, and provides testing and accreditation of black belts and color belts. Direct testing is provided by Headquarters and through member schools under the supervision of Headquarters. In addition, the Association provides membership materials, newsletters, discounts on merchandise, and group insurance at very favorable rates.

    The USTA maintains a National Headquarters in New York City which manages all administrative matters. The Headquarters also serves as a training center for its members. There are regional headquarters on the East Coast, Midwest, South, and West Coast. State offices may be established if they are appropriate. The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands come under the jurisdiction of the East Coast headquarters, and are classified as if they were states. Foreign associate members come under the jurisdiction of the National Headquarters in New York City.

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